Welcome to YWAM Nuremberg's Online Payment page! We are excited that you will be joining us soon and bringing your dreams, vision, and passion with you! Here are the different ways to pay for your course fees online, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Payment fees?

With almost every payment method there are fees. Here is an overview of the fees you can expect for each option to help you save some money:

Credit/Debit Cards: these are convenient but not good for sending larger amounts as the fee is 4% or higher.

Transferwise: this is a great method for making international bank transfers of any size as the fee is less than 1%.

Cash: during the school you will have opportunities to pay in cash. Depending on your ATM withdrawal fee, this could be the method with the lowest fees or the highest. It depends on your bank's policies.

Paying from outside of Germany?

Are you sending money from abroad? We suggest using a serivce called Transferwise. They provide a reliable and affordable way to send money between banks internationaly: [ www.transferwise.com]1

When are the payments due?

An exact schedule can be found in your acceptance packet. Here is a general overview:

  • The 60€ application fee is due with your application to DTS.
  • The full lecture fee is due week #4 of the lecture phase.
  • The flight amount of your outreach fee is due during week #6 of lecture phase.
  • 75% of your total outreach fee should be paid before the start of outreach.
  • The last of your outreach fee can be paid during outreach if necessary.

*We are unable to give Tax deductible receipts for school/course payments.