Our Mission Focus

The 10/40 Window 

There is a place where 3 billion people have yet to hear the message of the gospel, a region home to 80% of the world's poorest peoples,  and where only 4% of missionaries are living and working. This is where God has invited us to go, to bring hope, to share the message of the gospel, where we believe transformation is going to take hold!

The 10/40 window is a massive region, stretching from 10 to 40 degrees north latitude, and as far as west Africa to East Asia. It is where there is the most need for the Gospel and where there is the most need for people to go to.

This is the last frontier of world Missions, the same place where missions began nearly 2,000 years ago! We say yes to go, to the places others don't or where they are not willing. It's not easy, but God has only been waiting for the next generation to say "yes"!  We invite you to join your 'yes' with ours, to see the Gospel reaching the ears of communities and people groups for the first time in history! For Nations, communities, and lives  to be transformed by the restoring power of the God!

Let's do it! Together. Are you ready?