Marriage of the Arts: Discipleship Training School

photography.  music.  fine art.  writing.  dance.

September 21, 2019- March 26, 2020


Lecture Phase Cost: €1800

Outreach Phase Cost: €2000-2500 (incl. flight & all outreach costs)

Application fee: €60


Step 1: Grow

Lecture Phase: A 12-week communal gathering around one purpose: growing with God. We invite both international and local speakers, pastors, and missionaries to share into our lives as we grow together. Marriage of the Arts is not an arts and technique school, rather a place for students to learn to commune with God and others through arts and creativity.


Step 2: Go

Outreach Phase: Out of the overflow we go. Here we take what we’ve learned about God and go share it with the nations. An 10-13 week outreach to various peoples, tribes, nations, or languages, bringing the Gospel of God’s Kingdom in creative ways.


Step 3: Change the world

After 6 months: The end is the beginning. Whether or not you join full-time ministry at home or abroad, or go on to work in business, retail, farming, arts, or anything else imaginable – it’s time to bring the good news to every sphere of society.

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