What is DTS?

Discipleship Training School: A 6-month communal Missions school with one purpose: bringing the Gospel. During the 3 month “Grow Phase,” you will gain a better understanding of who God is, as well as your identity in Christ. Followed by 10-13 weeks of “Go Phase,” sharing with others what you have received.

DTS equips you to carry a missional mindset and bring the Gospel to various nations, peoples, tribes, and languages – not just during the program, but also on into the rest of your life.

We believe change is possible. 
We believe that you can change the world. 

When is DTS?

Mobile DTS 2020 (Spring)

March 5, 2020 - August 7, 2020

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Marriage of the Arts DTS (Fall)

September 21, 2019- March 26, 2020

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Mobile DTS

Our Mobile DTS is an opportunity to uniquely fulfill the Great Commission while backpacking Germany and the UK. You will encounter Father God, grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, and impact the world around you with Holy Spirit. You will grow in compassion for the lost and unreached and learn how to effectively further the Kingdom of God.

Throughout DTS, you will partner with existing projects and ministries on the frontline of missions and build up Christ’s church in order to reach the unreached. Not only will you discover new ways to make God known, but you will personally experience and grow in who God is and how He works.

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Marriage of the Arts DTS (Fall)

The Marriage of the Arts DTS is an opportunity for artists to step into the Great Commission in a new way. Participants will create art that is informed by God's Word in regards to the "least among these,” intern for ongoing ministries, and help pioneer new ministries while preparing for and serving on outreach.

Art Tracks are a platform for growing in your faith in the context of your identity as an artist. The time will not be focused on teaching you skills and techniques but rather discovering God's calling and your potential as an artist. It's an opportunity to grow in your art-form and learn how you can use your creativity and passion for the glory of God.

Come closer to him as he reveals the dreams and plans he has for your life. Discipleship does not happen by only sitting in a classroom or behind a desk. Discipleship is an action. It happens by walking with Jesus and following him wherever he leads.

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What is DTS anyway?


Step 1: Grow

The first part of DTS is the Lecture Phase. These three months are packed full of great learning and serving opportunities that will allow you to grow into deeper dependence and relationship with Jesus.

Lectures cover a variety of different topics from national and international speakers whose personal experiences challenge and encourage the move past head knowledge to heart change.

Some possible DTS lecture topics include:

  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Nature & Character of God
  • Father Heart of God
  • Identity in Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Worship & Spiritual Warfare
  • Missions & Evangelism

Apart from classroom teachings, our weeks will include worship and intercession times, small groups, local outreach, practical work, and art tracks all while living in community with other students and staff to create different learning environments and maximize your discipleship opportunities.

This is a bilingual DTS. All teachings will be translated to both German and English. You will also have the option to choose a German or English-speaking small group.


Step 2: GO

The second part of the DTS is the Outreach Phase. These 10-13 weeks are all about making God known in the nations. Our outreach teams go to countries in the 10/40 window because that's where the need is the greatest. God will work through you to serve the poor and needy and bring the Gospel to those waiting for hope.

Some past outreaches have concentrated on specific people groups like the Kara in southern Ethiopia. Other teams have concentrated on entire regions and visited multiple countries during their outreach.

Every outreach is different and has a unique focus. Past DTS teams from our base have worked with street kids, prostitutes, Muslims, Mercy Ministries, teaching in churches, and practical construction work.


Step 3: Change the World

After 6 months: The end is the beginning. Whether or not you join full-time ministry at home or abroad, or go on to work in business, retail, farming, arts, or anything else imaginable – it’s time to bring the good news to every sphere of society. We pray that DTS will launch you into whatever comes afterwords. That you will carry the Love of Jesus wherever you go, A love that can not help but Change the World!

Frequently  Asked Questions

Where will I live during DTS?

Dorm-style housing is located right on the YWAM base. This is where all students, a few staff members and guests are housed (separate housing may be found for married couples and families). The building, called Hinterland, is right behind our ministry base Wonderland Creative Studios located right in the middle of the city.

What doe a typical day look like?

A typical day begins with a community prayer/worship/gathering time followed by lecture. After lunch activities will include some of the following: small groups, art clubs, practical work times, ministry, or studio time. Occasionally there are evening events as well.There will be a few free weekends during the lecture. You are free to use these for personal time, studio time, exploring Nuremberg or traveling around.

Where will I go for outreach?

Outreach locations are not announced until a few weeks into the lecture phase. This website is full of stories from past DTS outreaches. Check them out to get a taste for what your outreach might be like!

What does the Lecture fee cover?

Meals, Accomodation, & Program costs are all included in the Lecture Fee. Call it 'all inclusive' if you'd like!

What does the outreach fee cover?

The outreach fee covers your flight to the outreach nation, visas, food, housing, and ministry costs. Other expenses you would need to pay additionally are things like travel health insurance, vaccinations, and gear (sleeping bag, hiking pack, etc.).

Who is teaching in lecture?

Teachings will be given by a variety of speakers. Some are career missionaries with YWAM, some from other ministries, some international, some from Germany, some from right in Nuremberg. All translated into both English and German.

Can my mom/friend come to visit?

Yes! Depending on the size of the DTS, we will have a limited number of beds available for guests. Email hospitality@ywamnuremberg.com to ask about specific dates. Even with visitors you are required to continue with all DTS activities, but some lecture weeks may be open for visitors to sit in for class.

How do I pay my fees?

There are a variety of options. Cash (Euro only), bank transfer/wire transfer, and by card. Details will be sent to you in the DTS Acceptance Packet upon your acceptance to the Discipleship Training School.

Still have Questions? Need more information? We are here to help!