A Discipleship Training School is a school, but it's not about the program. It's about discipleship, but it's not about you. It's about doing what is necessary, going above and beyond. It's missions, faith, and creating solutions. It's not about the experience. It's about laying down our plans and dreams for God’s. 

We invite you to be part of a DTS. Not so that you will grow, be fixed, be discipled, or have a "positive missions experience." We invite you to be part of a DTS, so that you can join us as we strive to bring  God’s Kingdom on earth. We hold our plans and agendas loosely, always ready to meet a need, to follow God as He leads. We are willing to do anything, whatever the cost. This is who we are.

We believe change is possible. 
We believe that you can change the world. 

I T ' S  U P  T O  Y O U. 

A Discipleship Training School or DTS is a full-time five-month program for intensive spiritual growth including classroom lectures, practical training, community living, and on the field cross-cultural experience.  

The Marriage of the Arts DTS is an opportunity for artists to step into the Great Commission in a new way. Participants will create art that is informed by God's Word in regards to the "least among these,” intern for ongoing ministries, and help pioneer new ministries while preparing for and serving on outreach.   

Within our Art Tracks each student will have time to further develop his or her skills and learn new methods to use art to reveal God’s love to others and change the world for Him. This time is also an opportunity to focus on your faith in the context of your identity as an artist. Throughout the course, a wide variety of speakers will lead explorations of relevant topics as they teach, lead workshops, and pass on insight about God’s nature from their personal experience 

Our lecture phase is a set aside time and environment where you can actively pursue and push deeper into relationship with God. We strive to be a community of people actively pursuing God together, growing in knowledge, understanding, and skill. 

Come closer to him as he reveals the dreams and plans he has for your life. Discipleship does not happen by only sitting in a classroom or behind a desk. Discipleship is an action. It happens by walking with Jesus and following him wherever he leads.


The Trail-less DTS is a Discipleship Training School for the climbers, hikers, the adventurous; those who aren't bound to the trails. 

A DTS for those who are willing to push their limits. For those who are willing to go, where no one else is willing to go.

Whether you are excited about climbing, bouldering, adventuring, hiking, being active and outside, exploring, mountaineering, or just trying new things, come be a part of a community of people who want to use their passions to change the world around them.

We will spend 5 months together, challenging one another to grow closer to God and out of that, reflecting who God is to those around us, both in Germany and in the nations.

On outreach, we will go to the hard-to-reach places. The places where the name of Jesus has never been heard, where others are not able to go. We will push ourselves physically and mentally, venturing to the places where the Gospel needs to go. We will be challenged, our bodies will ache, we will sleep wherever necessary... but it will all be worth it.


Lecture Phase

  •  11-12 weeks in Nuremberg, Germany 
  • Classroom setting 
  • Living in community 
  • Worship, intercession, Bible reading, small groups, lectures and more
  • Learning more about God and deepening your relationship with Him through topics such as... 
    • God's Nature and Character
    • Father Heart of God
    • Evangelism
    • Holy Spirit
    • Recognising God's Voice
    • Effective Bible Study 

Outreach Phase 

  • 8-12 weeks in a cross-cultural nation 
  • Focused on the 10/40 window
  • Making God known in the nations through evangelism and mercy ministries