Imagine with us…

4 years ago, a small team came to Nuremberg imagining to see a community gathered around 3 themes; Grow, Go, & Change the World.

  1. A space to GROW; to grow in our calling, to grow in character, to grow new ministries and talents but most important of all… a place to together grow in our relationship with God.

  2. A space to help others GO; As we grow, we Go. A place to engage thousands of young people in World Missions.

  3. A space to Change the World; The world is changed when God’s people bring transformation to all parts and spheres of society.

We pray that YWAM Nuremberg will be a launchpad for those going into the nations AND those bringing the kingdom into all spheres of society through what they do after their season of working with YWAM is finished.

A huge part of the vision we have needs physical home! A home for people to live, to work, for ministries to grow and develop and for programs to run.

How to get involved?

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The Building Project needs financial partners!

€5? €10? €100? Be it one time or recurring, every gift matters. Give toward the Building Campaign



Prayer Changes things! We invite you to be a prayer partner for YWAM Nuremberg & World Missions.



There are lots of other ways to get involved! helping to spread the word, organizing events, or even joining our fundraising team(no-dts required). We need ALOT of help!

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