The Homeland of the Perfect Bean

The Homeland of the Perfect Bean

Coming from Costa Rica, a country rich in the culture of coffee, I learned to appreciate this drink even from a young age. However, my curiosity to have a better understanding of this fruit that is so well appreciated all over the world, took a long time to be awakened...

Stories from Africa!

...a small group of students had met a woman named Ellen. She had a stroke a few years ago and it caused the left side of her body to have limited mobility. She invited us into her home and we prayed for healing. We prayed at least five times, and in the end, she was healed!...

From Germany to Africa!

Twelve weeks of lecture are over, and we’re all buzzing with excitement as we pack and clean in preparation to go on outreach. 33 students and 7 staff are flying into Ethiopia to follow Jesus’s commission, to go into all the nations and preach the gospel.