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School of Photography Update!

Lots of greetings from the Wonderland Creative Studios of YWAM Nuremberg. We are in the end phases of our huge renovation project of the wonderland creative studios which includes an art gallery, music venue, a coffee shop and different art studios. In fact the gallery space is almost complete!! Only the lights and the tracking for the pictures are missing. I can’t wait until we have the first exhibition. I still remember the exhibition we had in China a few years back.

We have seen how God was using the art and pictures to speak to the viewers. During the opening of the exhibition the guests were asking for Bibles and we saw several guest accepting Jesus. The following days little small groups formed bible studies and more and more they started asking questions about Jesus.
Back then we realized the power of Art and how Jesus wants to use it to reach out to the young people. It seemed to us, that the Art is a language that overcomes all cultural and language barriers and that it goes straight to the heart.

With the Wonderland Creative Studios and our School of Photography we feel that God is leading us to pioneer a new way of Missions, especially to reach the young generations. We are very passionate about it and we believe that God is leading us in that.

A few months ago we introduced our new "School of Photography – Masterclass“ and now we want to keep you updated about the development.

First of all, we opened the amount of people we accept for the school. Very quickly 10 students were accepted and after some consideration we now accept 15!

One of my staff was asking me if I would be travelling during the school. No! I really want to give everything to lead that very first School of Photography, that’s why it’s called Masterclass.

So this year I will be fully involved in the school and the community by sharing my experience and life with the students and staff. The next year’s school will probably not be a Masterclass and will be lead by someone else.

I asked some of my photography friends like Vee Speers, Sebastian Copeland and others to come and teach in the field of their expertise and to share their life with us here in Nuremberg. We also invited Borut Peterlin, who will be with us to teach us in Wet Plate Photography (an amazing old process that creates amazing images). Anna Somna, the famous "it-girl" will be with us for several weeks teaching us in plant photography. We’ve also asked her to be part of the school to talk about her life and the way she lives, which is very inspiring. 

With the speakers we invited, we want to cover a wide spectrum of teaching/sharing. From Fashion Photography, Portrait Photography, Landscape, Photo Journalism, Studio Photography, to Still Life and more.

We will have an experienced Photoshop wizard come from Russia who will give ongoing lessons on Photoshop and Workflow in digital imaging. This enables our students to be able to work digitally or with analog in their photography.

A darkroom will be available for those that want to work analog. And great epson printers will be available to print out the digital files. Even so we ask the students to come with their own camera equipment, we will provide several medium format cameras and other gear. The studio (Profoto and Elinchrom flash systems) is available to use.

The school is not a Marriage of the Arts DTS, it’s an secondary school, a intense photography course 24/7. You will live in community with some of the staff and tutors/teachers. We will have a house where the students and some staff will live and work together. Here is where the studio will be located for the students to be creative, work and learn. You will be constantly involved in learning and creating pictures. We want you to finish the school having a personal portfolio of your photography.

During the school you are encouraged to develop your own way of seeing and your own approach to taking pictures. After the first few weeks, we want you to define a final project and to continually work on it. Of course you will receive all the help you need to develop it and create powerful images.

Field trips, to locations like St. Petersburg (where we will work in the legendary Popcorn Studios) as well as to Paris to see the world fair on Photography are part of the 12 week school.

However, the 12 weeks might not be long enough to finish your final project for an exhibition, zine or book, but that’s why we are offering an internship where you still live in community and get the coaching and help you need in order to finish. Imagine you creating a series of pictures and then having your own exhibition… these are the kind of goals we want to get you too!

So hurry and be part of this school! We now have 5 open spots left! Make one of them yours!

Here the link to the schools website and application: http://www.ywamphotographyschool.com





Greetings from YWAM Nuremberg in Germany! In our last News Flash we shared about our new School of Photography Masterclass and within one week we are thrilled to have already received 7 applications! With this News Flash, we would like to share about the Fine Art and Photography Gallery thatwe as YWAM Nuremberg are starting, which is part of the “Wonderland Creative Studios.” 

Let me explain quickly and give you the full picture. As you probably know, we all started out as staff of YWAM in Herrnhut with a vision to plant “Wonderland Creative Studios” in Nuremberg. We are a collective of artists and missionaries who believe that the Arts are a powerful language to reach the young globalized generation with the Gospel. We seek to be a discipleship community with the vision and passion for the most needy parts of the world to be reached with the Love of Jesus. 

“Wonderland Creative Studios” is a creative and innovative melting pot and a YWAM base. We don’t know yet how every little detail is going to look, but we believe that God is leading us into a new way of world missions. That excites us! Pushing us forward. We don’t want to copy any existingmodels ofhow aYWAM base runs – or to be a carbon copy of our base in Herrnhut– but rather, we desire to seek God’s guidance in every details. God is always creating and doing new things… and this is what is happening in Nuremberg!


As we speak, our Wonderland Creative Studios location is in the process of being renovated. Naturally, we will have office spaces; we need an accounting office, dts office, etc.  At the heart of YWAM Nuremberg are the studios we are building in: a quality, professional photo studio, a fine art studio, and music studio. As you walk into our 600sqm storefront, you will enter a coffee shop and venue for concerts. If you turn your eyes to the left, you will see a beautiful top-notch art gallery with exhibitions from well-established artists. The Gallery will have a permanent showroom of Jan C. Schlegel’s photography, as well as a place reserved for young up and coming artists.

We aspire to run the Gallery in a highly professional manner and we are now looking for YWAMers that want to be part of this ministry. In order to run it well we will need a dedicated team of 6 people running it. The same goes for the Coffee Shop. We just purchased an amazing Espresso Machine, and we desire to serve some of the best coffee in town. We hope that the space will as well host small concerts – we’re so excited to see our Band “Liz and the Lions” play one of our very first concerts there.

As I write this, I can see it in front of me happening! This place, this community, this collective of Artists and amazing people, has the potential to become THE place of Nuremberg where creative people will like to hang out and engage. We will speak a common language - we will share life through creativity. Can you see it too? And now imagine you being part of it! We need people – staff who are willing to give everything to create this place and to see this God-given dream become reality. 


The other way you can be involved is, of course, supporting us financially. We’ve been so blessed to be able to start renovating the gallery space without fundraising, and the same with the studios and offices. The company we’ve hired expects this foundational phase of renovations to be completed by the end of February. But then we need equipment such as frames, good lights, tables, chairs, easels, and much, much more before we can open Wonderland to the public.

To support that project financially follow this link http://ywamnuremberg.com/donate/. For wire transfers use the bank information at the bottom of the email. Your help is vital!

We are planning the inaugural exhibition in our Gallery for the beginning of April latest. It will feature the pictures of our own Jan C. Schlegel (www.jan-schlegel.com) which have found worldwide recognition. This will be the official opening of the “Wonderland Creative Studios!” You, of course, are invited, and as soon as we know more details we will send you a proper invitation. 

Thanksfor reading and so long for now.