ATOM Issue 6 | Syrian Sunrise

Olivia Mountain Panel.jpg

The mountains bordering into Syria stood tall on the horizon from our balcony. They appeared like great stone carvings of the ocean’s waves. But what if the waves could be parted and the path into Syria was opened? 

From the moment I first gazed at these mountains, I stood in wonder and awe at God’s beautiful creation. 

In our first week in Lebanon, we were asking God for prophetic drawings and words for each child in the Syrian refugee school. Whilst sitting next to a Syrian student at the school, I had a picture of the sun coming up over the mountains. God impressed on my heart:

‘There is a new day dawning on the Syrian people. After the long night the sun will shine on their people. The Son of Man’s light will shine on this nation and will redeem what was taken away from them.”

After finishing my drawing I looked up and saw that another team member had drawn exactly the same image of a sun coming up behind the mountains for the same student. God had really spoken to us. 

As I spent time looking out over the Syrian mountains most days from our balcony, I couldn’t remove this prophetic picture from my mind. This piece of artwork aims to demonstrate this prophetic word. 

God sees the Syrian people and declares hope over their future.