A Preview of Author/Missionary Samuel Beutler's new Book: Sweetgrass



Introducing Samuel Beutler & Sweetgrass. The first Published Missionary Author By YWAM Nuremberg Publishing. First edition is on Sale now.



Sweetgrass: Excerpt from Chapter 1

There was once a shepherd boy who watched over the clouds.

It is true that we are each responsible for something, however large or small it may be. There are men responsible for gardens; they must water the garden and weed it and tend to the garden’s needs. Some children are entrusted with a cat; they feed and pamper the cat and chase it around the house, and if they are very young they may be tempted to water it like a flower. There are parents who care for their growing children and children likewise who care for their ageing parents. Some men set houses on fire – while others trot to and fro from large trucks hurriedly putting those fires out. There are conductors keeping watch over trains, professors caring for maths and science, chefs preparing cordon bleu, and spies tasked with jumping out the backs of airplanes in the dark of night. Each of us has a task, some job we must do. Something we can write next to “occupation” when filling out customs forms upon entering foreign lands.

And just as a shepherd watches over his sheep, the boy, named Wyatt herded his clouds across the sky....


What the Critics are saying:

“Sweetgrass is a precious story through which life is brought, truth is spoken, and love is shone. This delicately crafted story is a delight to read for both young and tired hearts alike.”

– Claire Henning, singer / songwriter

About the Author

Samuel Beutler has loved stories from a young age. Having begun writing at fifteen years old, he has since dedicated the past years to writing and editing his first novel. His short stories, essays, and articles have been published in magazines and online publications. Sweetgrass, originally written as a full-length novel and later cut into a story readable in a single sitting, is his first stand-alone publication. Accompanied by illustrations from Emily Doheny that bring each of the six chapters to life, the book was printed and hand-bound in Wonderland Creative Studios. It tells the story a young shepherd boy responsible for the clouds, following his journey out of fear and into bravery.