Searching for Red Sand

What happens when a vision you’ve seen turns into reality? What do you do when you find the place that you thought only existed within your imagination? That’s when you begin to understand that maybe God is sending you on an adventure.

I didn’t expect anything from the dry place covered in red sand I saw in my visions. We didn’t know anything about Ganze besides the fact that it existed – a town up north with red sands, like I had seen. Actually I didn’t really want to go, but I knew God showed it to me for a reason. 

While we were coming closer to the “promised land” the sand turned from white to red - deep red, blood red. “It’s red! Its real.” As soon as we arrived I found myself in the vision that had existed only within my head for several weeks, as my heart started dancing with excitement. The next day we went out. Red, hot sand under our feet. 

It hadn’t rained in months, and water was rare. We were ready for the story God wanted to write. We met Charles, a stone-faced man busily constructing a house for himself. He reluctantly put his shovel away as we started telling him about our joy, our salvation, and we began sharing with him about Jesus Christ. As Charles listened to us his heart was moved towards God and he accepted Jesus, welcoming Him into his life, and we led him in prayer.

As soon as he finished praying, Jesus answered. It started raining. Full of joy we began to dance, and as I looked at Charles I realized his face was changing. Grumpiness was turning to joy. Hopelessness was gone, salvation was there. 

But as he talked with us I realized there was more that had to be changed. He spoke about the witchcraft he did. He invited us to his house to share with his wife about this God who loves us so much that he gave everything, and also to get rid of the ‘magical charms’ that were still in his house. So we went.


While the sun was setting we sat in front of a little house in the middle of a desert of red sand. We shared with the man’s wife about Jesus, but all the while she didn’t say a word. She seemed to be scared - scared that the power of darkness could come against her. “Jesus is stronger. He has already won. He is your sword and the Bible is your shield. There is no fear in love, we don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

So she gave her life to Him - spoke the salvation-prayer to receive these weapons in her heart. Together we made a fire, gathering the witchcraft charms from their house and burned them. Darkness had no authority over their lives anymore. This couple had been healed and set free on that day.

We drove back through the night on motorbikes as red sand passed under our feet. And I started realizing: living with Jesus is an adventure - an adventure to the promised land. 

And I? I want more of that.