The ATOM Magazine is Finally Here

From travelling Africa, experiencing cultures, and creating art, to editing, designing, and finally releasing, the ATOM Issue 5 has been one long journey. The last issue that was printed was four years ago, and it is still impacting lives to this day. We want to continue that trend.

The Atom Magazine is a collaboration of stories, photos, testimonies, writing, and artwork put together to share the experiences from the Marriage Of The Arts - Discipleship Training School. Students come from all over the globe to learn more about God's character and take the opportunity to live it out in the world around them. This magazine combines stories told by artists about their growth with God and how they experienced Him on outreach. 

The next edition is ready to be printed! We desire to see the stories and testimonies of what God is doing in the nations shared with as many as possible. We want to distribute the magazine for free, but we still need finances for printing and shipping!

Continue on to our ATOM page to pre-order and support the printing of the ATOM Issue 5!