Dancing in the Dust

After spending time in Germany, I returned to my home country, South Africa, to direct a musical dance production for a ministry I used to work with. In Germany, everything was clean and effective and working. Returning to South Africa was a shock to my system.

The day that the production moved into the theatre, suddenly things were too much. The squalor of the city was getting to me. The theatre is run down. The sound isn't working. Seats are missing. It’s dirty. It’s noisy. It’s dangerous. Things get stolen. I so did not want to be there!

Just once, I wanted to do a show that was easy. Where everything worked and I didn't have to improvise or compromise. I dreamt of a beautiful theatre with a digital light box. A quality sound system. A safe environment. I did not want to have to struggle any more.

Then I realised - that's the point! This is why we do arts ministry. This is why I am a Missionary Artist.

It's about beauty from ashes, flowers in the dust, painting in colour where people had gotten used to monochrome...

We bring our best - every dancer's blood, sweat, tears, sore muscles and bruises.

Every ounce of energy we possess.

We place it on the altar of a broken city and offer it to the God of Hope.

And suddenly the city was beautiful again, vibrant and alive....