March Fundraiser Newsflash!

Greetings from Nuremberg!

Last month we shared about the exciting developments happening here in Nuremberg. Wonderland’s studio spaces, cafe, and Art Gallery! Renovations have been under way and we are getting ready for our Grand Opening which will feature photographer Jan C. Schlegel. Until this point we have been able to finance the renovation project with money we already had on hand, but now need 5,000 Euro to complete renovations and another 2,000 Euro furnishings.

Once renovations for the gallery are financed, work will take roughly one week and then our Grand Opening will take place 1 month after construction has ended! Giving adequate time for preparing and promoting the launch! 

After years of talking and dreaming of our Wonderland Art Gallery… we are incredibly excited to be on the edge of making this dream a reality! As we raise the final renovation funds we are also launching a Kickstarter project to help finance the initial 6 month operating costs for the rent of the gallery/cafe/Wonderland building.

We would love to invite you to be part of making this vision of Wonderland come true!

To give towards the final renovation needs, you can do so here…

We are also still in need of staff and long term volunteers for all of our projects, but especially for those who will work with Refugees. Email us at:


Blessings from Germany,


Josiah & YWAM Nuremberg

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