October Newsletter

Greetings from Nuremberg!

October is almost over, and we are gearing up for Outreach! The DTS and Photography school will soon be sending teams across the 10/40 window, sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus to those who haven't heard! At the same time, we have been working hard to launch a 'Grand Re-Opening' of the Wonderland Cafe! As changes are being made to improve and beautify the Cafe we want this place to be known. So we are spreading thousands of flyers across the city, and inviting all of our neighbours to come and taste a bit of Wonderland Cafe. 

Not only is the cafe a place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and have a conversation, but we are actively looking for ways in which we can impact people’s lives spiritually and physically. The first initiative we are starting to do this and meet our neighbour’s needs, is called 'Ankommen- Refugee Assistance', and it will be run by Ute Schlegel to provide assistance to refugees that are in need of legal, medical, or cultural assistance!

We are very excited for this to start! For more information, to help be part of this new project, visit our website: www.ywamnuremberg.com/ankommen!  

Another very exciting announcement is from the Kaleo ministry! For years they have been building relationships in the 'Red Light' district. As they have invested into these relationships, and have been envisioning to start a 'drop-in' center. A place of peace and safety for women to come rest. A place to provide resources and courses. The vision of the drop-in center is now a reality and opens next month! For more information about Kaleo & the Drop-in center, or to become a financial sponsor visit: www.wearekaleo.de

Next Spring comes another opportunity to engage in world missions right here in YWAM Nuremberg! The 'Trail-less DTS’, beginning in March, is aDTS focusing on the hard-to-reach, and rugged areas of the world. A school for climbers and adventurers; For those who will sleep anywhere, push their limits, and go to the areas where others won’t, or physically can not go.

The school will begin March 18th, 2017. For more information regarding staff and student applications, contact us here at:

We want to thank you for your continuous partnership, prayers, encouragement, and financial support. We are, as usual, excited for the new projects, initiatives, and schools... but our prayer and hope is to see the love of Jesus transforming lives, communities, and nations.

Would you join us in praying that as the Cafe opens, the schools go on Outreach, and Kaleo opens the 'living room’, that we see a new movement of people who will say "Yes" to Jesus?

We always love your feedback.

Until Next time,

Josiah & your friends at YWAM Nuremberg.

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The Kaleo 'Living Room'
KALEO found an apartment for the drop-in-center! The motivation to open a drop-in-center right by the red light district is dirven by the desire to offer the women a place of rest, recovery and belonging.

In the brothels often the only have a small room where they work and live. We want to provide for them a comfortable atmosphere, where they can feel accepted.  

Ankommen- Refugee Assistance
Monday's & Wednesdays Ankommen is providing assistance to Refugees, Asylum seekers, & anyone in need! For more information please write us or visit:




Trail-less DTS
Whether you are excited about climbing, bouldering, adventuring, hiking, being active and outside, exploring, mountaineering, or just trying new things, come be a part of a community of people who want to use their passions to change the world around them.