Wonderland Postcard Contest Results

The results are in!

We are excited to announce the winners of Wonderland Creative Studio’s first Postcard Design Contest. Drumroll please . . . 


Karina Tungari

Jakarta, Indonesia / Hamburg, Germany 



What is your favorite medium? Paper - I use mostly poster color, acrylic color. But I use pretty much anything actually (ink, edging, pencil, etc).

What inspires you to create? Humans and their complexities.

Where is your ideal Creative Wonderland? A clear head, warm temperature, window, clear light, big enough table…hmm and wifi :D

Jozien Koelewijn

Durban, South Africa


What is your favorite medium? My favorite medium would be acrylic paint, but I like to mix it with different materials.

What inspires you to create? The world and mostly the people around. The stories that people carry with them. I work as a community worker in a big township in Durban. The colours, the music and strength to survive inspires me to do what I do and to share their stories in my ART.

Where is your ideal Creative Wonderland? My Creative Wonderland is where I work. Where I meet the kids and the people where they are. It’s a rough world but full of stories that most of the time, doesn’t reach people outside of the township. My creative space, if I could choose, would be on a mountain, overseeing the beautiful hills and the space that South Africa has!



Emily Doheny

Minnesota, USA / Nürnberg, Germany

What is your favorite medium? It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I love painting, especially watercolor and acrylic.

What inspires you to create? I’m inspired by the beautiful and powerful things that I see and experience in the world.

Where is your ideal Creative Wonderland? I would love to see a space where artists can come together and inspire and share with each other. Somewhere where people are pushing to see things entirely new happen and are willing to fail and experiment, a place where art is honored and valued. My ideal creative space has lots of light, music, and a window with a view. And may include easy access to coffee and probably cookies.

Printed copies of this first edition of Wondermail postcards will be available starting November 17th in the Wonderland Café. 

Wonderland Creative Studios // Pillenreuther Str. 13 // 90459 Nürnberg, Germany

Monday - Saturday 10:00-18:00


Thank you to everyone who participated. Keep you eyes out for more design challenges and activities in the future!