Gamer DTS!

The world is in need of heroes, those who will go anywhere and do anything. There is a people group waiting for someone to bring the Gospel in their langauge! waiting for you to reveal a new kind of Christianity... World missions needs a new kind of champion... it needs you!

How can the you be a part of the great commission? How can we reach the ‘Gamers’? Join us on a journey into the unknown, something never done before, together let us discover a new way of missions! This is not a normal DTS with a name or a theme, it is something entirely different. Lets discover how to make Discipleship & Missions relevant to the Gaming Community. 

Join us!


We want to start over. Not to just re-brand a program that we already have by changing its name. Lets re-create DTS and make an entirely new school that speaks your language! We invite you to be part of this process, of not just asking questions but finding solutions!

For 12 weeks we will invite international missions speakers and teachers who will help challenge and re-shape our relationship with God. We will learn new ways of Discipleship and discover the Dreams that God has in store for each one of us.


What does it look like to reach the Gaming Community? How do Gamers as well engage in the Great commission across every people group? How does God desire to use our passions, talents, and abilities to reach the lost? For 10-12 weeks, we will dive into these questions and discover something entirely new! We believe that anything is possible, but only those who go will truly know.